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Photos from the set of Gods and Generals

In November, 2001, the 2nd South Carolina String Band recorded (with musicians David Kincaid and John Whelan) “The Bonnie Blue Flag” at Sound on Sound Studios in New York City. This was soundtrack music for a scene in the upcoming Turner/Warner Brothers film, “Gods and Generals” directed by Ron Maxwell. In December, they travelled to the film set in Maryland to appear in a concert scene with actors Robert Duvall, Stephen Lang, Patrick Gorman and hundreds of Confederate reenactors.


  • Lou Fritz said:

    To My Friends at My Favorite Southern Band:

    I own a DVD copy of Gods and Generals, which I’ve watched numerous times. I don’t recall a scene in the film that featured a fictious Abe Linclon, (as seen in the second photo). Was that scene edited out of the movie? What I do remember was a rousing rendition of the “Bonnie Blue Flag”. What’s the skinny on Dishonest Abe? Thanks!

  • Lou Fritz said:

    Sorry…typo Abe Lincoln.