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2nd South Carolina String Band on the set of the movie “Gods and Generals”. December 2001. Photo by R.Gibson, Gibson’s Gallery, Gettysburg PA.

Through the years, the 2nd South Carolina String Band has been involved in a number of media productions. Besides supplying background music to numerous reenacment videos, they finally produced a one hour video entitled: “Far, Far from Home”, co-produced by Lionheart Filmworks and Calvin Films, directed by Kevin Hershberger and edited by Erik Ewers of Ken Burns’ Florentine Films. Interestingly, shortly following the filming of “Far, Far from Home”, Erik Ewers was nominated for an Emmy Award for his editing work on “Episode One: JAZZ”. In addition to the ‘JAZZ’ nomination, Erik went on to win Emmys for film editing in ‘Unforgivable Blackness. The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson,’ and for sound editing in ‘War’, both films by Ken Burns’s Florentine Films. Erik has been the producer of all five albums released by the 2nd South Carolina String Band. In 2002, Kevin Hershberger directed another Civil War era music video with folk music legend, Bob Dylan in conjunction with the Turner Pictures film, “Gods and Generals”.

Concerning the band’s growing relationship with Florentine Films, they have recently appeared on the soundtrack of two Ken Burns documentaries: “Jazz” and “Mark Twain”.

During November, 2001, the 2nd SCS Band recorded (with musicians David Kincaid and John Whelan) “The Bonnie Blue Flag” at Sound on Sound Studios in New York City. This was soundtrack music for a scene in the upcoming Turner/Warner Brothers film, “Gods and Generals” directed by Ron Maxwell. In December, they traveled to the film set in Maryland to appear in a concert scene with actors Robert Duvall, Stephen Lang, Patrick Gorman and hundreds of Confederate reenactors. A great time was had by all. They were very pleased when their scene did not wind up on the cutting room floor.

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