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Far, far from home (DVD)

On September 23-24, 1999, a unique Civil War video recreating the experience of music as it looked and sounded in a military camp of the period was shot on an isolated set in the woods of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The video was a joint project involving the 2nd South Carolina String Band, Lion Heart FilmWorks and Calvin Films. It was directed by Kevin Hershberger, fresh from the New York City Film Festival debut of his film, “The Nest,” and edited by Emmy nominee (for his work in Ken Burns’s “JAZZ”) Erik Ewers. He went on to win an Emmy for film editing in ‘Unforgivable Blackness. The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson,’ and for sound editing in ‘War’, both films by Ken Burns’s Florentine Films. Erik has been the producer of all five albums released by the 2nd South Carolina String Band.In 2002, Kevin Hershberger directed another Civil War era music video with folk music legend, Bob Dylan in conjunction with the Turner Pictures film, “Gods and Generals”.

Members of Co.B, 7th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and the Liberty Rifles were recruited to populate the authentic campaign camp created for the film. The time frame is set at mid-war, 1863, shortly after the retreat from Gettysburg of the Army of Northern Virginia. At the close of day, camp activities are interrupted by the sounds of a tack-head banjo and a company of infantry join their “pards” around the campfire for a brief moment of music and song.

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