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About us

Band Personnel:
David Goss Guitar, Lead Vocals
Fred Ewers Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
Joe Ewers Banjo, Vocals
Bob Beeman Bones, Tamborine, Vocals
Mike Paul Fiddle
Joe Whitney Fife, Penny Whistle, Military Drum
Tom DiGiuseppe Bones, Tambourine, Banjo, Vocals

Good Friends of the Band:
Chuck Krepley Fiddle, Banjo
Greg Adams Banjo, Bones
Tom Krytzer
Guitar, Vocals
John Frayler (retired) Military Drum
Marty Groody (retired) Fife, Penny Whistle
John Dwyer Bones, Tambo
George Wunderlich Banjo, Bones
Marty Leibschner, Jr. Banjo, Bones
Greg Starbuck Banjo, Mandolin

The 2nd South Carolina String Band is one of the most active and popular Civil War camp bands in America. With four CDs and an hour-long video of music to their credit, these boys are enjoyed by reenactors and anyone else who like a rollicking good time. Their music is boisterous and high spirited, evoking the days when soldiers entertained their comrades around the campfire with the tunes of minstrel composers like Dan Emmett and Stephen Foster. Listening to the 2nd South Carolina String Band is an exciting experience that brings the sounds of the past to life.


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